Wish for Wash

Design Thinking, Education, Internal Project Recap

Wish for WASH x The Weber School Design Jam Fall 2020 Series

Wish for WASH (W4W) is a social impact organization that seeks to innovate in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector through culturally specific research, design, and education. Since 2018, W4W has been expanding its WASH-related educational programming by piloting Design Jams for intergenerational and intersectional audiences. During these workshops participants engage in design thinking, which is a human-centered problem solving methodology that requires empathizing with a user in order to ideate and prototype solutions to real world problems. Amidst the uncertainty of the past year due to COVID-19, the W4W design thinking and educational outreach team has began conducting a new pilot project around facilitating Virtual Design Jams on Zoom. The Weber High School in Atlanta, Georgia approached W4W with an interest in being a part of this pilot program in order to increase design thinking and WASH knowledge in its high school student body.