Wish for Wash

Our People

We are also indebted to numerous other Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni who have greatly contributed to our growth.

Our Team

Jasmine Burton
CEO & Executive Director
Margie Peng
Art Director
Maisoon Chowdhury
Strategy Consultant
Anya Smith-Roman
Co-Director of Design Thinking
Abigail Emerson
Co-Director of Design Thinking
Alex Haag
Business Development Consultant
Grace Landry
Design Researcher
Prerana Kumar
Co-Director of Student Engagement
Mercy Espinoza
Co-Director of Student Engagement
Sam Fine
Recruitment Co-Lead
Esther Xu
Recruitment Co-Lead
Brianna Milks
Biomedical Engineering Lead
Emily Ferrando
Environmental Engineering Lead
Neel Edupuganti
Industrial Engineering Lead
Diene Kaba
Research Assistant
Kaitlyn Brown
Web Developer
Emma Rary
Public Health Research Co-Lead
Sarah Anderson
Public Health Research Co-Lead
Simrill Smith
Research Assistant and Period Futures Social Media Coordinator
Eliza Bruno
Design Thinking Associate
Christie Hug
Research Assistant
Morgan Stuckey
Research Assistant
Lena Musoka
Research Assistant
Chiara Brust
Research Assistant
Sophia Alexander
IRC Curriculum Co-Lead
Danielle Khalil
IRC Curriculum Co-Lead
Asher Altman
Circular Sanitation Project Lead
Shona O'Bryant
Lead Period Futures Designer
Lilly Khorsand
Period Futures Writer & Editor
Isabelle Tan
Period Futures Marketing and Communications Associate

Our Board of Directors

Jasmine Burton
Mariel Rezende
Katie Isaf
Tanvi Suresh
Brandon Philbrick

Our Technical Advisors

Dori Pap
Managing Director, Georgia Tech Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Raja Schaar
Program Director, Drexel University
Wayne Li
Director, Innovation and Design Collaborative
Abigail Cohen
Founder and CEO of Culturea
Aline Banboukian
PhD Candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology, Gender and Energy Policy
Devika Patel
Design Director at the Better Lab, Period Futures Co-Lead, and Human Centered Design Advisor
Summer Johnson
Member of the Barclays Sustainable & Impact Investment Banking Team
Katie Kirsch
MBA Candidate at HBS, Period Futures Advisor
Lindsey Kerr
Design Researcher and Product Designer at Drexel Food Lab